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Being born in Italy, a country that offers a lot in terms of variety and quality for food, culinary tradition, healthy and quality life style, of course my idea was to share all this treasure with others and help them live a better and more satisfactory life.

The key to enjoy your life is health and one of the most important pleasures in life is food. This combination is the thought which led my life first and my business then.

Marco Zanna Founder & Owner

For the passion I put in my job the customers named me Mr. Olive Oil!

I could not be any prouder of it!

Extra Virgin First Cold Press Family Production Olive Oil (the healthiest) has been the first product that I imported and being it the pillar of the Mediterranean Diet that made a lot of sense!

Olive tree is actually the tree of life: from the fruit you get the olive oil which is super healthy at any age and from the leaves you get a tonic whose benefits are countless and without contraindications.

In one of my trips in Italy a few years ago I heard about the healthy power of Olive Leaf Extract, how could it be that Mr. Olive Oil did not know anything about something so strongly related to the olive tree?

I was immediately intrigued by the incredible power of this natural remedy and now it is one of my best sellers, helping a lot of people throughout the United States to be healthy!

In an initial phase it was not easy making people understand the importance of healthy and quality food, mostly because we are talking about something belonging to a different culinary culture, but if there is one thing that everybody can understand is the goodness and, since the products that I am importing are very yummy, it is easier to go for quality stuff!

For the natural healthy products at the beginning it wasn’t easy either, people were skeptical, but the results spoke for themselves and the video testimonials from those who tried worked like a spread of word helping others to try and get the results they were looking for.

So far I learned that the seriousness and the commitment towards the customers always pay you back, I always “put my face” and I personally guarantee for the quality of my products: I want people to know that Best from Italy is synonymous with the true quality Made in Italy.

BFI-BFY! Best from Italy – Best for you!

Trust Mr. Olive Oil!!!

Marco Zanna on top of Principe Pignatelli castle in Monteroduni, Italy

My journey has not been a solitary one, in fact my family has always been an integral part of my life, business and hobbies.

We share the same passion for natural and healthy life style and they have always supported me in every project or challenge I have undertaken.

My wife Anna has always been by my side, our brainstorming conversations help me to bring out the best ideas and find solutions.

Along the way others helped: at the beginning, when we didn’t know anybody, the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce has been decisive allowing us to meet new people and create great connections for our business, they have always been very supportive and we also made friends with members and staff.

Over the years the same customers, in love with the products, suggested and recommended them to friends and relatives and this genuine and honest spread of word has been immensely helpful for us, priceless and truly appreciated!

Marco Zanna in Monteroduni, Italy

Marco Zanna at the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce

Marco Zanna at Aventura Mall promoting the healthy benefits of the olive leaf

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