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Dr Robert Lyons Case Reports of Hungarian Patients using olive leaf extract

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Dr Robert Lyons Case Reports of Hungarian Patients using olive leaf extract. "My staff and I use many herbal methods of traditional Chinese medicine" said Dr. Robert Lyons, who has a degree in Oriental Medicine. "We have carried out a clinical study on five hundred patients using the olive leaf herbal remedy. The people under treatment responded remarkably well against a variety of microorganisms including many types of viruses, bacteria, yeast and other fungi. The product was incredibly effective against respiratory diseases of bacterial origin, such as tonsilitis, pharangitis and tracheitis; it improved patients suffering from gastric/duedenal ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylor; and it worked just great against viral diseases such as the herpes infections" "One of my patients, a married homemaker, age forty-three had been suffering severely for four years with herpes lesions around her mouth from Herpes simplex one. Also, she was terribly uncomfortable from the invasion of Herpes genitalis brought home by her husband. And the woman additionally felt great pain from a ring of shingles around her waist caused by Herpes zoster. IN JUST SEVEN DAYS, CLEARED UP ALL THREE HERPES INFECTIONS SIMULTANEOUSLY. The lesions for each problem disappeared quickly. This woman reported having no more shingles pain because of the discontinuance of viral blister. There wasn't any more discomfort around the vagina, and her oral lesions went away. No further signs of herpes of any kind have been apparent in my patient now for over a year" Dr. Lyons said. From the book Olive Leaf Extract (Dr. Morton Walker)

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