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Saving Package 6 bottles olive leaf extract Verdepuro Vita 15% discount

February American Heart Month Vita Saving Package 6 Bottles 15% discount

$221.94 Regular Price
$188.65Sale Price

February American Heart Month Vita Saving Package  6 Bottles 15% discount

Verdepuro Vita 6 Bottles X 1000ml of pure Olive Leaf Extract 15% discount (120 servings $ 1.57 daily)

Every bottle of Verdepuro Vita contains at least 20% Oleuropein and other healthy phenolic compounds.

Take 3 Tablespoons (50ml) everyday.

February is American Heart Month

You have the power to take action to protect yourself against heart disease. Small heart-healthy actions like adding more movement to our day or choosing healthy foods, can have a big impact on protecting #OurHearts.

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