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Organic Olive Leaf Extract VERDEPURO BIO

The most effective natural treatment for high blood pressure is organic now: organic olive leaf extract.
It protects the cardiovascular system and promotes immune health. Enjoy a cup of Verdepuro Bio organic olive leaf extract and taste the new fresh flavour, with citrus essential oil. Boost your wellness with our new tasty and super concentrated organic olive leaf extract. Verdepuro Bio is certified organic and is fructose free. OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT

organic olive leaf extract

Organic olive leaf extract, Verdepuro Bio is a powerful source of polyphenols. 
THE BEST FOOD SUPPLEMENT TO LOWER CHOLESTEROL IS NOW ORGANIC! Since ancient Egypt, the olive leaf has been acknowledged and utilized as an antibiotic, an antiviral, and a treatment for fever.
MyVitaly Verdepuro BIO is an organic and pure olive leaf extract.
Pure oleuropein extract enriched with Calendula flower and orange essential oils.
Shake well and enjoy on its own, or add 40ml of olive leaf extract to your regular smoothie or herbal tea.


Start your journey to vitality and wellness now,
with organic olive leaf extract Verdepuro Bio !
Our 16.9 FL OZ 500ml-GLASS bottle contains 13 daily doses  

Organic Olive Leaf extract Benefits

  • cardiovascular health

  • blood pressure

  • cholesterol

  • diabetes

  • immune system

  • herpes

  • psoriasis

  • control of weight

  • antioxidant


Olive Leaf Liquid Extract - Organic Olive Leaf Supplement for Immune Support - Vegan

Lower your cholesterol - regulate Blood Pressure - Antioxidant Action


Organic olive leaf extract Verdepuro Bio
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