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Olive leaf extract a Natural Remedy for Psoriasis and skin diseases

Olive leaf a natural Psoriasis treatment

Olive leaf extract a Natural Remedy for Psoriasis and skin diseases.

"Hydroxytyrosol (HXT) is a phenolic compound drawn from the olive tree and its leaves as a by-product obtained from the manufacturing of olive oil. It is considered the most powerful antioxidant compound"

The molecules contained in the olive leaf extract, especially Hydroxytyrosol, protect and moisturise the skin and slow down skin aging they also help to protect the skin against the damage by skin diseases.

It is also one of the anti-aging substances most widely used by pharmaceutical companies

but its limited use is due to the high cost of this molecule !

Did you know that, in the ancient world, virgin olive oil was called “liquid gold” by Homer and “the great healer” by Hippocrates?
In fact, this moisturizing and antioxidant-rich oil was a common skin care ingredient used by the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans.


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The synergy of Verdepuro Vita, the liquid olive leaf extract and MyVitaly Natural Moisturizing Body Cream can help for psoriasis and skin diseases.

Video testimonial psoriasis, skin rashes and olive leaf extract

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