Help Dr. Joseph Territo M.D. to spread the word: Olive Leaf is specific for eliminating Psoriasis

Updated: Jan 20

A dermatologist in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, Joseph J. Territo, M.D., states: "I have used the olive leaf extract, Olea europeae, for better than one hundred patients. My primary goal was to observe its effectiveness on psoriasis.

"My experience in using olive leaf extract indicates that patients exhibit an improvement in their psoriasis of up to 70 percent. I've witnessed improvement not only in the reduction of psoriasis scales but also in the skin's erythema (redness) related to them, and also in a lessening of the inflammatory response. I believe the excellent results are holding for my patients, and I've been dispensing the olive leaf ingredients for over a year and a half now. I have perhaps the first physician in the United States to test olive leaf extract."

"Added to the fine results of applying olive leaf extract for psoriasis, I also have excellent patient responses to its usage for the treatment of fibromyalgia," additionally suggests Dr. Joseph Territo. "I'm anxious to spread the word about the therapeutic benefits of olive leaf extract."

From the book Olive Leaf Extract Dr. Morton Walker

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Psoriasis and Olive Leaf Extract

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